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As many know, I’m a big fan of automation. A lot of my blog posts have focused on leveraging PowerShell to do my bidding. As my career has evolved, so have the tools I leverage. In a cloud world, even scripting by itself can become to error prone and inconsistent. Many have been leveraging IaC (Infrastructure as Code) to solve this problem. I am one such person. For years I’ve had an on again / off again relationship with Azure ARM. I’ve always loved the idea of it, but the execution was tedious and cumbersome. Fast forward to the last year with the release of Bicep, I’ve come back to the idea of leveraging IaC more. Recently, I had an opportunity to deploy an entire multi-environment platform via IaC. I can tell you, I’ve not only deployed all infrastructure via Bicep, but continued to keep it up to date. Meaning, not a simple one an done deployment. Rather maintaining the lifecycle of the platform with IaC.

It hasn’t been without issues. There have been a lot of obstacles along the way. The truth is, even though I have a working solution, it’s something I’m still not pleased with. You see, you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. With me, my IaC journey to manage our platform has been one of those things. As I deployed more and more of our platform, I realized the way I was doing it, won’t scale long term.

You may be thinking I’m going to tell you I have come up with some better way. While I wish that was true, it’s not, at least not yet. My platform management scalability is still a solution I’m honing. I have some ideas, but need some time to experiment.

If I’m writing this whole blog post, with an Introduction title. Then what am I introducing? Well, there are certain limitations or frustrations I’ve encountered. I suspect you to have encountered these as well. I’d like to share some way’s I’ve managed to solve certain problems or limitations. My pain, your gain so to speak.

To summarize, stay tuned for some creative work arounds in automating infrastructure with code.

Need Help?

While I’m not here to do your job for you. If you have a scenario you have been struggling to solve, let me know. I may have an idea or two, and if it peaks my interest. I may even answer your quesiton via an entire blog post.