Just wanted to post this quick, and I may have time to do a more through post later, but this will do for now.

In our backup solution, we had to join together two solutions, CommVault and Veeam. Veeeam backed up the data to disk and CommVault backed the data up to tape. The problem with this solution is the systems were unaware of each other. We really needed a solution that could take disperate systems and jobs, and basically link them together in a workflow. After a lot of searching we found this AWESOME product from MVP systems called “JAMS (Job automation management scheduler).

If you’re managing tons of scheduled tasks (or rather not able to manage them), want alerts, job restarts, automatic logging, support for cross platform, cross system, cross job workflows, there’s not a product out there that I’ve seen can beat it.

They’re not paying me, nor have they asked me to comment on the product. This isn’t an official review, its just a “hey, you should really check these guys out” sort of post.