If you haven’t seen by now, VMware plans to dump the c# client in the next release. Article is here for your review. I was the first one to comment, and maybe its just a coincidence, but it seems like I got a small fire started. If you have any strong feeling either way, maybe its worth posting your view in their comments or mine.

Me, my views are in their comments, but suffice to say, I prefer thick clients over web clients all day long. I love having a web client as a backup or as an alternative, but not as my only option. Now I get why they’re doing it. And maybe if they had proven in vSphere 6 that they were capable of releasing a fully featured high performance web client, I would’t be so against it, but VMware has a “0” success rate with all their web client releases with one possible exception being the new host client. Even there, its still not on feature parity to the c#, and that is also true for vCenter as well.

Anyway, this is the final straw that’s been keeping me back from posting a VMware rant post. Stay tuned for that soon.